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  • Motivating Kids to be Active

    Parents can play a key role in helping their child become more physically active. Here are a few suggestions to get started. A. Find a fun activity. Help your child… Continue reading

  • Tips to Achieve Flat Abdominals

    1.) Know the Formula Reducing belly fat involves a mix of smart eating and effective exercise. Make sure you eat enough food to keep your body from experiencing hormone imbalances;… Continue reading

  • Understanding the Nutrition Facts Label

    Labels on packaged, canned, and frozen foods can tell you a lot about what is in the food you eat. Learn to use them to choose between foods you should… Continue reading

  • How to Choose the Correct Shoes.

    You’ve made the decision to get in shape, you’ve signed up for classes at your local gym but do you have the correct shoes to wear? Here are a few… Continue reading

  • Eliminate New Year’s Resolutions

    January 1st of every year, millions of people make their New Year’s resolutions.  This could be the year that they lose weight, eat healthy, sleep more, start working out, and… Continue reading

  • Are Granola Bars a Healthy Snack?

    It’s 3pm and you’re looking for a quick convenient snack to hold you until supper.  Having a granola bar sounds like the perfect choice, or is it?  When you say… Continue reading

  • Motivation

    Motivation: the reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.  The general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Such a powerful word that can be… Continue reading

  • ZZZZZzzzzz………..

    To wake up and realize that you just slept uninterrupted for 7-8 hours can really start your day off on the right foot!  The benefits of a good night’s sleep… Continue reading

  • An Apple a Day

    An apple a Day… Did you finish the sentence with – keeps the doctor away? While there is no medical research to back up this claim, apples are one of… Continue reading

  • Are Fitness Trackers Healthy?

    It seems everywhere you look, people are logging their every step wearing fitness trackers.  They are cool to use, come in lots of fun colors and designs, but are they… Continue reading


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