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Are you traveling to the mountains?! Well it’s proven that exercise at high altitudes will improve your metabolic health. CAUTION! Altitude sickness can be a real problem for a beginner or active person. Be careful

A squat tip. Make sure you only squat to parallel or above to protect the Knees. Dropping below parallel puts a greater stress on the knees.

Tabata routines can help raise that metabolism and lean muscle. Four minutes for each interval that consists of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

Kettlebell training can improve performance in weightlifting and power type sports. Kettlebells derive power from the hips and legs while stabilizing the back! Another great way to train along with the traditional type power movements.

A great core exercise. Hold a side plank with feet stacked on each other. While holding this position take opposite hand behind head and crunch towards ground slightly. Go slow because takes balance!

A very tough burpee combo! Advanced no doubt. Email if confused. First you do a burpee, then once on ground go in to a plank. From plank you push yourself up to push position then do a reverse leg raise. Burpee up! That is one rep! Probably easiest to do this as a timed exercise.

Core and legs.
Need a Bosu. A Bosu squat and jump is this next move. Be careful when trying this exercise. First squat down with feet eight inches apart. Squat down and hold for 10 seconds then jump up putting arms to your side. Keeping your core tight land in squat position and repeat.

Advanced chest exercise.
Need two Bosu’s. Stack round side of Bosu on top of the other Bosu round side up. The push up will be inverted and it takes a tight core to keep your balance. Slow reps so you keep abs tight and do not lose control. If two feet are easy, you can try lifting one leg up to make it harder.

Advanced core and back exercise.
Need a Bosu and band with handle. In plank position on Bosu and feet slightly wider than hips, grab band with one arm. While holding plank, use the one arm to row while keeping abs tight. One side is done first, then switch. 15-20 reps are your goal.

Female athletes are more likely to tear their ACL than men. Anatomical differences in the knee is the reason. Also women tend to land with their knees straight and inward which adds stress. There are programs that help women learn how to land properly alleviating the stress on the knees.

78 grams of carbohydrates during intense endurance type activities can help with performance! Always important to feed your body with proper fuel to get through a grueling endurance session

Working out hungry can help burn stored body fat! A low intensity cardio can work best for this. If its a high intensity workout, it’s advised to eat so you have fuel for a long bout. Always listen to the body!

Milk after working out can aid in recovery. Milk has been proven to help with muscle soreness that is associated within 24-72 hours after. This recovery can help with results!

Resistance training can help build lean muscle and burn body fat!

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